VAGO Integrated Campaign

This is a group project that challenges students to create an advertising campaign for an evolving company or brand. Working in a group of 3, students must select a company (or brand) from Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The group must find interest in their choice of company (or brand) in order to create a list of design items meant for advertising purposes. The final execution includes a series of 3 Print Ads and Outdoor/OOH executions.

The product that my group chose was VAGO. VAGO is an automated luggage vacuum space compressor. Simply plug VAGO into a vacuum ziplock bag, and it'll automatically compress your clothes by more than 70%.

Travellers feel obligated to purchase for their family and friends. Items are cheaper overseas, and people like to stockpile They indulge in spending on themselves, and buy another luggage to fit and exceed the luggage weight limit. For urban dwellers,an overseas trip is a precious one-shot destress method. Therefore, they will indulge as much as they want, hence buying more items than they can fit into their luggage.

Main Issue: Travellers often have no space in their luggage when travelling back to their home country.

Insights: Travellers want to bring back as much of their holiday as possible, because they treasure the experience.

What if we exaggerate that feeling, and convert that urge into a visual?
That was the starting point for our series of print ads.

Start of Video:

End of Video:

Start of Video:

End of Video:

  • Category Marketing
  • Date November 2016
  • Created by Toby Gail, Jerald Teo, Willie Tan
  • Skills Photoshop / Illustrator / Photography

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