Toastbox Repackaging

This is an individual project, in which we are to create a packaging series for a local food brand. Students are expected to explore and consider the context, surface graphics, structural form, and the design intelligence.

The brand that I chose was Toastbox, and I repackaged their breakfast sets.

Nowadays, people commonly skip breakfast and rush to work, without having eaten anything. Based on an online survey I had conducted, more than 80% of people skip breakfast, and more than 75% of people feel unhappy in the morning everyday.

Breakfast helps to lift people's moods and prep them for the day ahead of them. To encourage people to eat breakfast, I created a takeaway design that is convenient and handy to bring around, as well as less space consuming as possible.

The three flavours are: Kaya, Peanut Butter and Otah. Vibrant colours are used to help create a more bright and cheerful atmosphere for the mornings. The egg and toast fit comfortably into a two-compartment box, that stacks and locks onto the cap of the cup.

  • Category Packaging
  • Date December 2016
  • Created by Toby Gail
  • Skills Illustrator / Photoshop

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