Love 4 Dance Showcase

Organised by O School, Love 4 Dance (L4D) is an annual urban dance day camp, participated by students from secondary to tertiary level. Students will be exposed to different genres, and challenged to learn about and adapt to various styles of dance. Students will also have the chance to make friends from other schools, therefore making Singapore's dance community more connected.

As a dancer myself, this was my second time participating in this dance camp. On the last day, dancers were to create and showcase their own short choreography, based on what they had learnt the past few days. Many well-knowned seasoned dancers such as ScRach MarcS and Tony Tzar attended the event as special guests to showcase as well.

Along with my friend, we decided to take photographs for the showcase out of pure enjoyment. It was delightful capturing these dancers, as they danced their hearts out with passion and joy. This project showcases the merging of my main passions: design and dance.

  • Category Photography
  • Date December 2016
  • Created by Toby Gail & James Chua
  • Skills Photoshop / Lightroom

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