Beyond Self

For this project, we were tasked to rebrand the Volunteers' Wing of Beyond Social Services, also known as Beyond Self. The brandmark should not exceed 3 colours and must be applicable for monochromatic use. In addition to a new brandmark, we are required to produce a set of corporate stationery and a minimum of 3 other applications.

BeyondSelf is a voluntary organisation with a mission to help children and youths from less privileged backgrounds to break away from the poverty cycle.

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The personality of Beyond Self consists of 3 main characteristics: dependable, approachable, and visionary. These traits should be consistently portrayed throughout the branding of the Beyond Self organisation.

Firstly, Beyond Self is dependable and trust- worthy. As a non-profit organisation, we serve to be a reliable source of support for the community. A sturdy pillar of support in which people can look up to, and put their faith in.

Secondly, Beyond Self is approachable and friendly. We are a group of warm and passionate volunteers, readily reaching out to the youths of our community.

Lastly, Beyond Self is visionary. We serve with strong purpose and vision, believing that every individual has the potential to succeed. A com- munity functions as one. By helping the youths of our community, we are helping ourselves as well.

This is inspired from the idea of a torch of fire, representing the passion of the volunteers. Each volunteer has something to offer through their passion: it is a flame. Changing lives one by one, they create a spark in other people’s hearts.

At Beyond Self, we believe that a community functions as one - one family. In a family, no one is left behind. Every citizen plays a role, and has a responsibility to help others. Our volunteers are passionate individuals, filled with the desire to make an impact on others.

Each and every one of our volunteers do much more than just helping the community. We build villages, we develop people, and grow potential. As a voluntary organisation, we do not simply provide welfare services, we bring about change and impact lives. All our volunteer ignite flames of hope, reshaping the community one at a time.

Logo Rationale:
The logo is the face of our organisation. It is a graphical representation of our identity, capturing crucial information and values about Beyond Self.

The entire logo represents how Beyond Social Services, the stable foundation, utilises their social capital - volunteers. Combined, they aid individuals and help them develop, grow and achieve excellence in life.

Additionally, the logo is also in line with Beyond’s vision that every citizen has a social responsibility,and that a community functions as one entity. Any part of the torch of fire is unable to stand alone. All parts are interdependent, to create balance and harmony.

Lastly, the logo also represents Beyond’s vision of helping individuals help themselves, by deescalat- ing the problem for them. Beyond Social Services, the volunteers, and the programmes, are the helping steps to aid the individual in achieving their full potential.

The Torch:
The red portion represents the volunteers, and the programmes they organise. The individuals are represented by the yellow flame. The red flame nurtures the yellow flame, showing the growth of individuals with help from Beyond Self.

In the yellow flame, a small human figure gradu- ally develops, and finally sprouts into a dynamic human, as if dancing in joy. The grown human fig- ure is placed at the very top of the logo, implying that they have pushed themselves beyond their boundaries, and achieving excellence in life.

The Base:
The logo is a torch of fire - inspired from the passion of volunteers. The flame stems out from Beyond Social Services, the stable base. The stable base of the torch represents Beyond Social Services. It also represents a hand, representing the power of each individual, and their ability to help others. The wordmark is part of the base. Beyond is bolded because Beyond Self stems from Beyond Social Services.




  • Category Branding
  • Date May, 2016
  • Created by Toby Gail
  • Skills InDesign / Illustrator

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