Beyond Self Website

Based on the corporate identity I have proposed in my Branding Design Studio assignment, I was tasked to design and document a fictional web site with at least 4-pages. I am to rationalize your design proposal with the relevant needs analysis. Display my ability to visualize your site’s structure by illustrating a site map for the entire site. The main content area should not exceed a 1000 pixel width and must consist of the following pages:

1. Home
The visitors should be able to know at-a-glance what the business does. Include quick-links to featured content with crucial information.

2. About
Provide an in-depth profile of the business.

3. Services
List the range of products / services / courses that the business has to offer.

4. Contact
Information on how your visitors can contact the business.

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  • Category Web Design
  • Date July 2016
  • Created by Toby Gail Lim
  • Skills Photoshop / HTML/ CSS

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